Below you will find a basic introduction to types of weapons found in Defiance. For something more in-depth, expert recommendations and tested strategies, my current recommendation is to pick up a copy of Defiance Leveling Ebook. It blows pretty much anything else I’ve seen online clean out of the water.

Defiance is a MMORPG filled with superior graphics and great PVP action. Defiance will be a shooter-style game and there will be a heavy focus on weapons. There are dozens of available weapons and attachments for the players to fully customize their weaponry. Each player can equip two weapons at once, and while additional weapons can be stored in the character’s inventory, it is important to choose the best weapons for primary weapons, especially early in the game.

One great aspect of the game is that it has a mix of familiar weapons with alien technology. This makes for some unique weapons as well as some classic favorites that shooter fans would expect to see in this style of game. The weapons can be broken down into several different types including bio-magnetic guns, assault rifles, and bolt-action sniper rifles. Grenades and Grenade Launchers are also great for secondary weapons stored in the inventory. Many traditional weapons, such as pistols, manual sniper rifles, light machine guns, and shotguns are also available in the game. Players can improve their skills with each type and use their favorites for combat.

Weapons in Defiance MMO

The game also introduces a new type of gun called an infector. Infectors are used against mobile targets in a similar fashion as sniper rifles. Rather than a quick bullet shot, the gun plants alien bugs on the target, which grow and burst out in order to kill the target. There are three types of infectors in the game so far, including the Soleptor Sporeshot INF, the Low Tech Slow Infector, and the VOT Infector.

Players can acquire these weapons in many different ways. The majority of weapons are found through looting better and better places. Attachments can also be found throughout the game and are great for improving the weapons. Plus, Arkfall code is another good way to improve weapon skills. The best weapons and attachments can be found with very persistent game play, making it an enjoyable experience for fans of the series and MMO players alike


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