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Below you will find a basic introduction to the list of available weapons add-ons for Defiance. For something more in-depth, expert recommendations and tested strategies, my current recommendation is to pick up a copy of KillerGuides.com. It blows pretty much anything else I’ve seen online clean out of the water.

One of the key features in Defiance is the ability to mod weapons according to your choosing. All modded weapons will be located on the Salvage Matrix. You can break down materials to receive key components or add in additional features to your weapons; the list is limitless to the types of weapons that can be crafted.

Below is a list of the types of add-ons available for your weapons.

  • Breakdown to Resources – Take a piece of gear and break it down into Ark Resources
  • Attach Mods – Take a weapon and add mods
  • Remove Mods
  • Retrieve Mods
  • Add Mod Slots -Take a weapon without the maximum number of mod slots then add a mod slot to it. The number of slots that can be added is random.

In the game, several weapons have modification slots which are: stock, barrel, magazine and sight. These can be used to upgrade the weapon. In addition to that, items such as: Scopes, barrels, and bigger or different kinds of magazines can be added.



3.5x Scope

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Advanced Scope I
Assault Scope I
Assault Scope II
Assault Scope III

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Catalyst Amplifier I
Catalyst Injector I
Commando Scope I
Commando Scope II
Commando Scope III
Critical Force Barrel I

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Expanded Magazine I
Extended Sniper Mag I
External Recoil Reduction II
External Recoil Reduction III

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Fast Action Reloader I
Fast Action Reloader II
Fast Action Reloader III
Fixed Stock Assault
Fixed Stock Sniper
Fusion Conductor I

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Guerrilla Buttstock III

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High Capacity Magazine II
High Capacity Magazine III
High Capactiy Magazine I

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Ionic Barrel I
Ionic Barrel III
Ionic Barrel IIII

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Marksman Scope I
Maximum Force Barrel I

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Persistant Thruster I
Power Bore I
Power Bore II
Power Bore IIII
Power Choke I
Power Retention Choke I
Proximity Overthruster II

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Quick Clip Assault

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Rapid Reloader I
Rapid Shot Pod I
Rifle Catalyst Injector I

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Shot Catalyst I
Shot Pod I
Sniper Rapid Mag I
Splash Muzzle III
Stabilization Sight I
Stabilization Sight II
Stabilization Sight III
Sustained Power Muzzle I
Sustained Power Muzzle II
Sustained Power Muzzle III
Syphon Accelerator II

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Tachyon Laced Extender I
Tactical Scope 1
Tactical Scope II
Tactical Scope III

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Ultra-Bore Extension I

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