Below you will find a basic introduction to the number of currencies used in the game. For something more in-depth, expert recommendations and tested strategies, my current recommendation is to pick up a copy of Defiance Strategy Book. It blows pretty much anything else I’ve seen online clean out of the water.

Defiance features several modes of currency which can be used to acquire different things. The list below provides an insight of what the currency are and what they can be used for.

The first is Scrip, which is an in-game currency and functions like Gold does in other mmorpg games. Scrip can be spent to purchase outfits, consumables and other gear from NPC vendors. Scrip is earned after killing mobs and completing Ark Hunter missions. Those who want to get a quick early boost of Scrip can purchase a Defiance preorder box. The $99 Digital Deluxe Edition comes with a 30-day scrip boost, which means more scrip earned for one month after the activation of the box. Meanwhile, the $99 Collector’s Edition and $149 Ultimate Edition each offers a 7-day scrip boost. The Defiance store will also sell scrip boosts.

The second Defiance currency is Bit, which is the official cash shop currency, and will cost real world cash. Bit can be spent on items, boosts and other special services sold on the Defiance store. Items and services bought using Bit will likely be unavailable anywhere else in the game, or extremely hard to obtain. There is no confirmed price yet for Bit. We will update this page as soon as the exact cost of Bit is revealed. So far, the only indication of its value is through a bundled Bit package that comes with the Ultimate and Collector’s Editions: 1,200 bits + 30-day XP boost + 30-day scrip boost + Season Pass will be worth approximately $80, said Trion Worlds.

The third currency is Echelon credit, which the PvP reward currency. As mentioned in the PvP section, Echelon credits can be traded in for special gear when players participate in the Shadow War PvP as hired Shadow Operatives for either of the rival factions. Echelon credits were named as such since these are awarded by Echelon, a private and powerful military group in the Defiance world.

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The fourth currency is Keycode Fragments, which is a type of currency players need to make a Keycode. Players need 8 Keycode Fragments to make 1 Keycode.

The fifth currency is Keycode, which is a type of currency used to open Lockboxes.

The sixth currency is Ark Resources.

There has been no word yet on cap limits, but all three currencies will probably have one.

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