Defiance mmo map

Defiance is set in the Bay Area, a once-populated region in Northern California, United States. Ark Hunters frequent the Bay Area because it is the site of frequent Arkfalls. There will be multiple playable zones in the Bay Area, with each zone has is cut up into various locations for PvE missions, open world PvP combat and general exploration. These are so far the known zones revealed through teasers, beta tests and developer videos.

Angel Island

Angel Island will be a large map zone for competitive co-op battles. Players will team up to shoot down a common threat that seeks to overrun the island.

Mount Tam

Mount Tam, also called Mt. Tam, is a PvP map. It also offers a some difficult PvE boss battles, which should mark it as a popular hotspot for any type of Ark Hunter.


Paradise is one of the main community zones of Defiance, at least based on its large size and bustling player activity. It was founded in 2035 under the leadership of Varus Soleptor, who is the head of Soleptor Enterprises and said to be the richest person in all of Paradise.

Paradise is cut up into three confirmed territories. There is the mountainous region of Madera that is made up of hills, mines, ranches and ruins. Like Angel Island, it will host exciting co-op battles. Madera will also have a vehicle time trial track for those who like to test their racing skills.

The Marin Territory

The Marin territory is more of a PvE zone. Arkfalls have scattered immense reserves of gulanite in Marin, attracting Ark Hunters and all sorts of scavengers looking to farm and use the gulanite. This includes the cyborg Ninety-Niners, many of which will engage players into a fight.

Sausalito Territory

Lastly, the Sausalito territory is a coastal territory dotted with coves and ports. Several corporations have established their base of operations here.

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