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What is Defiance?

Defiance is a first person shooter MMO from Trion Worlds. Defiance is set in a terraformed Earth where humans an aliens co-exist together. Within Defiance, players assume the role of Ark Hunters hired by Von Bach Industries (VBI). Ark Hunters are scavenger hunter specialists in search of advanced alien technologies which fall onto Earth. Thus, events called Arkfalls are triggered allowing players to participate in vicious PvP or PvE combat to obtain technologies called Arktechs.

Supporting the players are what is called EGO Skills. Within the EGO skills tree, there are 4 primary EGO skills: Overcharge, Blur, Decoy and Cloak. With these active skills are passive abilities known as Perks. Perks, when coupled with an EGO will enhance the Ark Hunter’s abilities. Some abilities prolong survivability while others increase damage. There is no limitation to what players can achieve in mix and matching their skills; the game contains no classes and no ‘levels’. Instead, the player has Rank. Rank is similar to levels although the more Rank the player achieves, the better their skills will perform in the battlefield.

Defiance MMO Multiplayer

Defiance supports multiplayer combat through several features. You and your friends can take on challenging contracts. Completing a contract earns you reputation from the NPC vendor. Gain enough reputation to unlock weapon and gear rewards.

PvP fans will have their hands full with the breadth of competitive multiplayer options. Defiance will have instanced arena maps with various PvP game types, including all-out Deathmatches. In the open world, multiplayer PvP comes in the form of the Shadow War where two competing teams fight for the spoils of a fallen Arktech. Shadow War winners earn Echelon credits that can be turned in for special gear, as well as increased ranking in the public Echelon mercenary leader boards.

The release date of the game is April 2, 2013.

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